Friday, January 23, 2009

Take Your Foreign-Dwelling Loved Ones to Work Day

This week I've been back to work for three half days to get things in order.  Between the office printer not working (still - that's how we left it before Xmas) and the usual "how was your summer" banter with the tricklers-in, I didn't get too much done.  In the last post I promised to bring along a camera to show you guys my bicycle commute.

Well, taking pictures while cycling is hard to do (no, I didn't try).  And Peter's got a nice commute in the opposite direction from our house.  So why take a bunch of digital photos of only some of the area when you can Google Street View?  

They got photos of the area up and running a little while ago of a typical Auckland morning, with the sun shining off of recently rained-upon houses and streets.  Just head on over to  and click on "Get Driving Directions" on the left.  If you start at Queens Parade, Devonport, Auckland you'll get a good view of the waterfront.   For the destination address, type in Anzac St, Takapuna, Auckland.  This route shows a good example of the different things a cyclist deals with around the city.  We're lucky in that we have more dedicated cycle lanes than many other areas, but it's not pervasive.  This is only a small part of our collective commute, but those of you with our personal details can probably probe a little more if you have the time to kill.  Welcome to the neighbourhood!

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