Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So How's The Weather?

It's just past 8 pm and it's 77 degrees with 70% humidity.  The air is thick these days and clings to the skin, as if we are swimming through a hot tub filled with chicken broth.  We are a salty bunch down here and nobody in Auckland feels clean right now, especially Peter and I at 8 pm. Clothes stick to our skin all day, our paper droops, food doesn't sound good but anything with fluid in it goes down by the bucketful.  The rain has been coming in misting clouds this week, with actual rain drops on occasion, and for the most part we have been absorbed into that long white cloud of Aotearoa.  Everything is wet.  Most people are irritable.  

Monday night reached 100% humidity and we're told that things will stay like this possibly through next week.  It's a good thing that Peter made a screen for one of the windows in our bedroom so that we can keep it open at night.  As we've mentioned in previous posts, people don't use window screens in New Zealand for some reason we've never been able to pin down.  All we know is that we get overrun by mosquitos, flies and spiders when we leave windows open at night.  Now that we have one screen we can have a bit of cooler air to help us make it through this humid spell.   

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